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The label of medical devices is regarded as an integral part of medical products by global regulatory agencies. These documents provide important danger / benefit information and clear instructions for safe use. They use a variety of formats, including brochures, flyers, user manuals and videos, basically any document that includes explanatory information for patients.
When introducing medical devices into new markets, all labels will be carefully checked to see if they comply with local regulations. Any problems with the use of labels may lead to delays in distribution, product recalls or adverse events to patients. This is why from the very beginning we have ensured that these documents and all their medical translations are as accurate as possible. Therefore, please check the following five tips for more information on overcoming multilingual problems in medical device labeling.
Tip 1: use barrier free language
The function and safety of medical equipment depend on the correct application method. Make sure you avoid jargon and insist on brevity. This language not only makes it easier for English users to understand, but also makes it easier to translate medical labels into other languages.
Tip 2: supply documents electronically
Some regulators require medical device labels to be provided online, and users should know where to access the information. Through digital layout, it is easier to provide labels in multiple languages without adding a large number of documents in the equipment packaging. It also makes it easier to update information.
Tip 3: use graphics freely
Medical device label is a typical example. When pictures are combined effectively, the value of the pictures is one thousand words. The test makes the figure large enough to convey focus. Use dark, sharp lines to get good contrast, and add hints such as circles or arrows to highlight key information.
Tip 4: use internationally recognized symbols and icons
Many symbols and icons have been standardized, so they should be used in the label of medical equipment to overcome the language barrier. However, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that symbols and icons are correctly understood by any given audience - which is why it is essential to predict and localize the content of medical labels.
Tip 5: use video or animation
Add fascinating videos or animations to classic teaching manuals, including less text and more images.
Start early and finish early
If multilingual components are strategically solved from the beginning, the complex process of medical device labeling will be easier to manage. Clear translation of medical content and rich graphic elements will ensure that the label has meaning in a variety of languages. If you need the assistance of medical translator, please contact Abbott translator. Our translation team has in-depth professional knowledge of specific country / region regulations, global market and the whole life science business supply chain.